Carolina Cats give you a big boat ride.

Click to see our New video of the 23DC in 3-5' seas

The incredible ride of a Carolina Cat 23-footer will make you think you are in a much larger boat. So, if you want to venture offshore and still want smaller boat convenience and price tag, there’s no boat like a Carolina Cat.

Carolina Cat hull designs are the secret to their super smooth ride. Whether you are crossing the sound to a barrier island or heading offshore where the big ones bite, your Carolina Cat parts the waves like no boats in its class.

Easy to trailer. Fun to run. The draft of a small skiff. Carolina Cats are all-composite, tough offshore/inshore catamarans. They are a joy to run in the short chop or the larger offshore swell. But don’t take our word for it; take a demo ride at you local Carolina Cat dealership.